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Get to know rising star Sonny Alven in this week’s Artist Spotlight!

Melodic House is his game, and Sonny Alven is his name. This producer, who hails from Bergen, Norway, has been wooing crowds with his sensual sound all over the world over the past few years. You might have caught Sonny’s remixes of massive tracks like The Weeknd’s “Starboy” or even Pierce Fulton’s hit tune “Kuaga”, but his original tunes are where he really shines as an artist. “Our Youth”, “Make Me Feel”, and “Give Me Your Lovin'” all represent his sound in the best way possible. Sonny’s success in the production side of the music spectrum stems from his varied musical tastes combined with his technical skills in the studio too. In fact, “Our Youth” has already received much love in Norway, and after dominating Scandinavia his sights are set on the rest of the world! His latest major release is fresh tune “Your Touch”, and was followed by yet another fantastic track “Wasted Youth”. Check them out on SoundCloud, stream his exclusive guest mix below, and read on to get to know Sonny Alven today!

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Who are your inspirations as an artist and what led to you developing the sound you produce today?

When I first started out with music production I listened a lot to Swedish House Mafia and the more progressive house stuff. I was really into that for a very long time. But at some point a couple of years ago I guess my musical taste kinda switched, and I started doing slower songs and experimenting a lot more. Nowadays I’m really into artists such as HONNE, Oh Wonder, SG Lewis and Låpsley. I listen to a lot of different stuff though! Music with emotions is everything to me.

The tracks you produce seem to feature vocals that complement the beats perfectly. What goes into selecting vocalists for a track?

I really like vocalists that have something special, who can take a beat or a song to the next level. The actual process varies a bit. Sometimes I find a vocalist I think can suit a track, other times it’s my manager who suggests somebody or arranges for a studio session.

You brought some seriously chilled out vibes on your remix of The Weeknd’s “Starboy”. Was there something in particular that drew you to the track?

Thank you so much! It was actually very random that I ended up remixing it. A friend of mine came over when I was just jamming out some chords on my Prophet, and we both started humming the “Starboy” song over it and I said, “wait, that can actually work”. It was super fun to do, and I will definitely be doing some more ‘Sunday mixes’ from time to time.

Coming from Norway, what is the scene like there compared to other parts of the world?

Over last couple of years, Norway has definitely gotten a bigger electronic music scene. We have so many great artists here now, that it’s really starting to get big. Norway used to be a bit too hung up in the top 20 chart in the clubs, but now it’s starting to learn to become more open-minded when it comes to music and new genres.

You recently spent some time in Thailand! Do you feel those beach vibes fit your sound as an artist? What was your favorite part about visiting that area?

Yes, I did! It was a super fun trip, Thailand is beautiful. I don’t really see my music as being very “beach vibey”, I guess my taste is leaning more towards darker/melancholic stuff right now. But who knows, at some point maybe I’ll make the best beach song ever, haha. My favorite part must have been this island we stayed at called Ko Tao. It was so much fun to just drive around on a scooter and finding viewpoints and beaches. I definitely recommend that island.

Sonny Alven

What are some ways that you relax before playing a show or while traveling?

My best traveling partner is actually my Bose headset, haha. It has this noise canceling function which is awesome. Planes get very loud you know, but the Bose makes it some much better. I easily fall asleep, so I tend to do that a lot while traveling. Which is good because then I’m rested for showtime!

Where is a dream venue that you wish you could play in the future?

I’m not quite sure but I’ve always had this thing for Tomorrowland. I was there in the audience in 2012 and had a really great time. So I’ve always wanted to play there for sure.

What is in store for fans of yours in the future?

I’m currently in the process of releasing my new EP called Girls. It’ll consist of three songs, where “Your Touch” is the first one. The two remaining tracks will be out in February and March. Other than that I’m gonna continue to make and release new music throughout the year, and do more shows, which I’m really looking forward to.

Finally, what is your favorite dessert?

My favorite dessert has to be chocolate mousse. It’s so delicious!

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Featured Photo Credit: Jonathan Vivaas Kise Photography

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