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Dancefestopia is returning to the Kansas City area next month with a new home of LaBenite Park in Sugar Creek, MO. The festival is taking place on the 9th – 11th in the beautiful Liberty Bend Conservation Area…a gorgeous forested area right along the Missouri river. With this new home comes even better camping options that attendees have ever seen yet, including new forested and riverfront camping. This guide will give you all the information and tips you need to know for camping next month at Dancefestopia 2016!

Tickets and camping passes are still available for purchase here, so get them while you can.

Looking for some last-minute items to help enhance your experience at Dancefestopia? Click HERE to check out our suggested items!

Dancefestopia 2016 Camping Options

Field Camping
  • Cost: $54.99 for 3 nights or $74.99 for 4 nights
  • Provides access to the GA camping/field camping throughout the festival.
  • 4 night camping pass allows campers to access the field camping starting Thursday, September 8th, at 5 PM. If you grab this, you can get a great camping spot early like riverfront camping!
Forest Camping
  • Cost: $89.99 for 3 nights or $109.99 for 4 nights
  • Provides access to forest camping throughout the festival.
  • It’s closer to the main stage and parking and has forst camping-only restrooms.
  • 4 night camping pass allows campers to access the field camping starting Thursday, September 8th, at 5 PM.
VIP Camping
  • Cost: $399.99 for 2 people for 3 nights or $449.99 for 2 people for 4 nights
  • Provides a private campsite with a pre-built 2 person tent, 2 chairs, and external battery pack for charging electronics. It’s closest to the stages, has exclusive forest-only bathrooms, and a beautiful location.

Dancefestopia 2016 Camping FAQ

  • You can bring alcohol, 2 cases of beer and 2 boxes of wine per camper per campsite. Anything more will be taken away. No hard liqour permitted.
  • You may bring coolers.
  • No re-entry into the festival with any type of alcohol. You can only bring alcohol on first entry only. 
  • There will be water and ice for sale in the campgrounds.
  • There will be cell phone charging stations provided by Verizon as well as a variety of vendors within the venue that sell food/drink.
  • Campgrounds will have 24 hour security.
  • No generators, and there will be no electricity in the campgrounds available for use.
  • You park your car in the main parking area and walk to your campsite. Bring a wagon if you can.
  • Showers are available for $10 per shower or $25 unlimited showering.
  • Lock your valuables in your car.
Prohibited Items:
  • No grills
  • No glass
  • No campfires or fire of any kind
dancefestopia 2016
Dancefestopia 2015 Camping

Camping Essentials

Knowing what to bring is crucial to your success with camping. Most likely, you won’t want to drive all the way back home (especially if you live far away) to get stuff… so make sure you make a list and get it all packed beforehand!

Camping Supplies

  • Tent, tent fly, and stakes
    • 4 Person Tent (HERE) 6 Person Tent (HERE) Plastic Stakes (HERE) Rubber Mallet (HERE)
  • Small lock with a key to lock your tent if you have one
  • Camping chairs
    • HERE is a decent one for you that even has a built-in cooler!
  • Sleeping bags
    • Coleman Sleeping Bag (HERE)
  • Lanterns, battery-powered string lights, and/or a flashlight
    • Solar Garden Lights (HERE) LED Christmas Lights (HERE) White Lights (HERE) Headlamp (HERE) Lantern (HERE)
  • Small folding table
    • Stansport Folding Camp Table (HERE) is perfect for Dancefestopia. You can also grab a smaller one (HERE) which is great as well!
  • Small canopy
    • 10×10, lighted canopy from Coleman (HERE), or a non-lighted version (HERE). Cheaper canopy (HERE)
  • Cooler
    • Wheeled version (HERE) or one without wheels (HERE)


  • Cups, plates, paper towels, trash bags, ziploc bags
  • Bathroom items: deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner (if you buy a shower), soap, dry shampoo, mirror
  • Bug spray
  • Playing cards
  • Portable charger for phones
  • sunscreen, chapstick, sunglasses
  • Collapsible rolling wagon
  • Ice (can also be purchased inside campgrounds)
  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wireless speaker for music (load up your phone with your favorites!)
  • Earplugs. Not everyone will be going asleep at the same time and you might be tired. Also a must have for those of you in the front row!
    • Check out some suggested earplugs HERE!
  • Medications (Tylenol, prescription, etc)

Food & Drink Ideas

  • 2 cases of beer & 2 boxes of wine!
  • Pack of waters
  • Packaged food (no grills allowed)
  • Sandwich meat, cheese, and bread
  • Energy drinks
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Iced coffee drinks
  • Energy food & snacks

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