OMFG! NYE San Diego 2016 || Justin’s Top 10

OMFG! NYE 2016 San Diego

San Diego will be hosting yet another OMFG! NYE event at the Valley View Casino Center and it’s lineup is phenomenal! Bassheads are swooning over the talent coming through for this 3 day event and finishing out the year with some amazing talent! So to set you all up with some of the key names, here’s my top 10 artists playing this year! Some are some familiar names, some are lesser known. It’s time to get hyped for OMFG! and let’s rage our way to the new year!

Check out Justin’s Top 10 for OMFG! NYE San Diego 2016!

10. Stööki Sound

This swaggy Trap duo will for sure bring a nice groove sound to the OMFG! lineup. Jelacee and DJ Lukey are known for their dirty plucks, constant bombardment of mixing high-hats, mids and bass into one ridiculous set. It’s eclectic, electric and ecstatic! Be prepared for lots of grinding and twerking during their set, because it is always out of control with these guys hit the stage!

9. Kill The Noise

When you let Kill The Noise run the decks, you really let him control the crowd. He has some hard-hitting tracks, some soulful remixes and some insane live shows! You also can’t hate on a guy that has collabed the most silly track I have heard ever, Dolphin on Wheels with Dillon Francis! Turkey on Wheels is also notable, as a seasonal treat. His high energy is infectious, his tracks are fire, and his sets are not to miss!

8. Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf has been building a lot of buzz lately, and has deserved all of his recent spotlight and attention. His tracks are a lot lighter than the majority of the artists featured on this top 10, but that doesn’t make him any less of an artists. One of the few artists that I have gone out of my way for to see, his sets are always euphoric and uplifting.

7. Flosstradamus

#HDYNATION is real when Floss comes to town. This two know how to bring out the bass. They know how to get the crowd riled up and they will be a great way to close out Day 3 of OMFG! Be ready to have your middle fingers up, your eyes out for moshpits, and be ready to get Turnt UP!

6. Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson was one of the people who I was personally surprised would make this lineup, as he is likely the biggest name on this lineup. He headlined a recent event here in San Diego, Heaven and Hell on Halloween. Let’s have the a great Day 2 with him, as his sets are destined to leave you happy and giddy and wondering where the time went! 【=◈︿◈=】

5. Marshmello

The ever elusive Marshmello will be gracing us with his presence this year! He has been one of the most coveted performer as of late. He has been considered one of the top new artists of 2015, and has been making some phenomenal sets like at HARD Day of the Dead and Global Dance Festival Arizona. This’ll be my first time seeing this guy, and am very excited to have him with us!

4. Bixel Boys

Rob and Ian are back again for OMFG! Bixel Boys have been an EDM Identity favorite for quite some time now, and once again are going to blast some of their great original tracks for us. These guys know how to party, and have never disappointed. These two are known for bringing out some old-school tracks and unleashing some killer remixes to songs like Disco Inferno or Dancing Queen, because why not!

3. Tchami

One of my top performers from the recent CRSSD festival, Tchami is known to get the crowd pumped and make them  bounce. You never know what to expect from him, but he will be worth the listen definitely. While it isn’t confirmed if he will be rocking his signature clergy shirt, but it’s always a dapper look for him. Tchami is always a fun listen and I always recommend him to others looking for something new!

2. Snails

Snails! Dubstep is great and all, but Snails’ Vomitstep is a definite game-changer. I have been hyped on seeing Snails all year, and am glad to have him on Day One to set the ferocity of OMFG! off right. Love him or hate him, you have to respect him for producing such original content.

1. Borgore

Probably my favorite product from Tel Aviv (there’s not many), Borgore is the king of unforgettable songs. His lyrics are hysterical, his beats are erratic, and we can’t get enough of it! There’s never a shortage of new tracks from him, he doesn’t ever stop leaving people wanting more and his simple dream of having a private island and the Olson twins will likely be more of a reality than he likely thought ever possible. No need to ever make any Decisions. He is not one to missed!


There you have it! Care to comment, critique, or compliment? There’s a comment section below! There are so many wonderful performers, but when it comes down to it, I cannot throw all of them onto this list! I plan to enjoy every single one of these performers nonetheless, and this event will be one for the books! See you all there and keep and eye out for my event review coming soon!


    • Hello Patrick and allow me to shed some light on the subject,
      NGTMRE was probably #12 or so in my list, I’ve seen him before and that he was decent. Aftershock is my favorite track from him, but overall he isn’t one of my personal top 10.
      Jauz is great, love the sound. His remixes are fire. But again, I only had room for 10, and what Jauz offers to the decks I get pieces of from all the rest of my top 10.
      Valentino Khan has played quite a few LED events, and I try to make it to every single one. Personally, I have seen him maybe a half dozen or so times at festivals and events in the past two years. He’s good, but I’m just a little burnt out on him.
      I’m more excited for either new acts or old favorites. Bixel Boys and Flosstradamus are the only DJ’s on my list that I have seen multiple times and are still just as excited to see each time.
      Hope that helps clarify.

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