Excision Announces Paradox Tour 2016

I hope all of you headbangers are ready, because the next evolution of stage production is here! Jeff Abel, more commonly known as Excision, has released his 2016 tour alongside Figure and Bear Grillz and it’s going to be even filthier than the last.

Over the past three years Excision has toured internationally featuring his Executioner stage installation. After keeping track of the equipment’s limitations, this time around he’s introducing the Paradox, a bigger and better modular LED-based set up that will be adaptable to all venues across North America. With 150,000 watts of PK sound, make sure to grab your tickets to experience this abundance of bass!

excision paradox tour 2016

Tour Dates:

1/22 Vancouver, BC

1/23 Vancouver, BC

1/24 Spokane, WA

1/25 Eugene, WA

1/26 Portland, OR

1/27 Boise, ID

1/28 Reno, NV

1/29 San Francisco, CA

1/30 Los Angeles, CA

2/2 Albuquerque, NM

2/4 Tulsa, OK

2/5 Houston, TX

2/6 Dallas, TX

2/7 San Marcos, TX

2/16 Asheville, NC

2/17 Knoxville, TN

2/18 Charlotte, NC

2/19 Atlanta, Ga.*

2/20 Nashville, TN

2/22 Buffalo, NY

2/23 Syracuse, NY

2/24 Montreal, QB

2/25 Albany, NY

2/26 New York, NY

2/27 New York, NY

3/2 Hartford, CT

3/3 Pittsburgh, PA

3/4 Boston, MA

3/5 Philadelphia, PA

3/9 Norfolk, VA

3/10 Richmond, VA

3/11 Washington, DC

3/12 Detroit, MI

3/15 Cleveland, OH

3/16 Columbus, OH

3/17 Indianapolis, IN

3/22 Memphis, TN

3/23 Wichita, KS

3/24 St. Louis, MO

3/25 Kansas City, MO


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