ID Spotlight: Kristen Violet

Kristen Violet

Name: Kristen Violet

Age: 21

Hometown/Current Location: NorCal

Occupation: Visual Tech Artist / VJ

Instagram: @find_the_rabbit

Twitter: FindTheRabbit


Rave Name:  Find the Rabbit


What was your first electronic music event?
Destroid on May 31, 2013 @ The Warfield SF

What/who influenced you to attend your first event?
My ex-boyfriend and my ex-best friend.

What is one moment from an event that was special and why?
The honor of conducting visuals for the one Dubstep artist that motivated me to keep raving until I saw them (and the song Lullabies) live — Adventure Club! At the very end of their set they dropped a remix of Lullabies I’ve never heard of before as well. That moment in time forever engraved in my mind.

What is your favorite festival or event?
Electric Daisy Carnival 2015 — I finally saw Galantis after a year of almost catching them at HARD Day of the Dead 2014.

What is your favorite electronic song and why?
Lullabies – Adventure Club & You – Galantis.
I’ve already explained Lullabies. When You first came out my rave brother immediately sent me the link and i instantly fell in love with it. It’s my theme in life. The lyrics say it all and everyone who know me well enough know how passionate I am about the song. Whenever I hear the song at event, it still sends me chills all over my body. It has my heart!

Who are your favorite artists?
Galantis, Adventure Club, Odesza, Madeon, LIGHTS, Porter Robinson, Firebeatz, Pierce the Veil, Hoodie Allen, G-Eazy

What are your favorite genres?
Dubstep hands down! Future, Chill, & Electro/Prog-House too.

What do you feel your “identity” is in the electronic music community?
My identity in the community is the girl that’s all about lights, the people, and the passion! I’m a visual artist for raves/music events (the one operating the LED panels/screens on stage) and resident visual artist for EPR (Electro Pop Rocks) in SF as well as ESM (Electric State of Mind) in Sac/SJ/SF. When not working I’m a glover ( {G.LOVE} Rabbit ) and the girl with the light-up rabbit ears/rave outfits. Although I have only been in the scene for 2 1/2 years, I feel like I’ve given my all to give back to a wonderful community in the NorCal scene to keep it PLUR as an attendee and behind the scenes for raves.


Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself for the readers?
Hi! :3 If you see me at an event don’t be afraid to say hi. If you wanna, we can take selfies together and be friends. If you ever get the chance to enjoy my visuals, i hope you have a wonderful time watching the art I create on the screens! Yes, everything is live mixing. No, I do not know the sets beforehand. That’s the fun part!


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