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Op-ed: The Future of EDM

Op-ed: The Future of EDM

A good friend of mine made a bet with me that by September of 2015, hardstyle will have its own multistage festival. He took the under on the bet. For some reason I can’t bring myself to believe in hardstyle as being the next best thing. The intense “Bong, bong, bong” 150 BPM music seems to saturate its self with nearly every other hardstyle song. It’s repetitive, loud, and obnoxious to me, making me think that it would not be a popular fit for a majority of listeners.

For those who have been following EDM since the synthesizer was created, then maybe you have a better idea of where the industry is going to be. I personally believe that the reason people are gravitating towards EDM music is for their love for hip-hop and rap beats, otherwise known as trap music in the electronic world. Festival trap, like sets played by Carnage, is the evolved form. I believe that music will follow a path where the BPM will range from 130 all the way down to 90 with lyrics to coincide with mellower parts.

People love drops, and what better way to get the crowd amped then by starting off slow and dropping to a dope ass track. Then letting it stay for a good minute only to slow your ass down with a slow song only to bring you back to an intense heart pounding BPM. Flosstradamus, DVBBS, DJ Snake, as well as GTA all seem to be following just that. They’re mixes are filled with countless remixes geared toward blunts, bitches, and booty. Who likes shaking their booties more, the ladies? Who loves ladies shaking their booties, guys with blunts. It’s a circle of death. It makes for great sets and crowd participation.

So the only thing to do is to wait and see how many number ones, or even top ten, hardstyle songs hit Beatport faster than you can shuffle at 150 BPM. So until then, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my $20 bill left in my wallet, where it stays.

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