Raver Day in Orlando : A new adventure in the Magic Kingdom

Raver Treasure hunts!

What does it take to transform a stranger into a friend?  Is it spending a day with them?  Maybe receiving a gift?  Perhaps it just happens while making a memory full of magic and good vibes.  No matter what it takes you can always find the combination when Magic in the Making brings a Raver Day to Disney Parks.  Since 2002 Magic in the Making has been organizing raver days at Disneyland Park in Anaheim California.  After last year’s summer raver day getting some extra attention from Insomniac’s Blog post of “Raver Day at Disneyland: Best Festival Ever?” The hashtag wars began flooding both Magic in the Making and Insomniac with east coast ravers begging for their own Raver Day at Walt Disney World.  Well with years of practice and success of hosting hundreds of ravers through a magical gathering around Disneyland, Magic in the Making answered those calls by bringing Raver Day to the Magic Kingdom on May 30th 2015. Talking with Magic Maker and event planner, Vince C. of Magic in the Making, he worked closely with two Raver Day alumni from California, Adam and Jennifer both who have transplanted to Florida, came together to make this dream a reality.  Knowing that the numbers would be smaller, they expected a more intimate experience for the first annual Summer Raver Day at Magic Kingdom, they were right on.

“it’s [Raver Day] both a day for us to come together as ravers who area all kids at heart, as well as a way for us to come out and make a positive public statement about who we are, what our community is about, and to be less scary by being less unknown.”

Castle SelfiE’s

Walking into the park dressed in full kandi sleeves, rave pants and hood was an experience all its own. However no matter what hushed whispers trailed behind me or gazing eyes locked onto me, there was nothing more comforting than the Disney Cast Members smiling, complimenting and energetically welcoming me to the Magic Kingdom, except, of course, finally making it through the crowds to the first meetup at the castle to the excited screams of fellow ravers upon seeing me.  Vince had said “it’s [Raver Day] both a day for us to come together as ravers who area all kids at heart, as well as a way for us to come out and make a positive public statement about who we are, what our community is about, and to be less scary by being less unknown.” All of this was more than successful through our day. Kandi trades were running rampant between fellow ravers, as well as other park guests who stopped to politely ask us a question or snap IMG_5946a photo for us, even to cast members who were all more than welcoming and friendly to us (within their abilities according to Disney guidelines). Vince continued “…Disney and Ravers do go hand & hand! And it’s fun to be a kid at heart ya know… it’s the only place where IMG_5965you can be silly and not get in trouble.” Again Vince hit it right on the mark. As if getting a group photo in front of the castle, Haunted Mansion or Tea Cups wasn’t enough, the experience of riding these attractions with a group of ravers was an out of this world experience. From an impromptu sing along on Journey of the Little Mermaid, to the most amazing People Mover trip full of glow, lights, and BUBBLES! All provided by your friendly neighborhood ravers.



“…Disney and Ravers do go hand & hand! And it’s fun to be a kid at heart ya know… it’s the only place where you can be silly and not get in trouble.”


Soup’s bubbling


Now can you imagine anything that would make this day better? How about turning a memorable day  into aIMG_5990 magical night. The Incredibles Super Dance Party was the perfect start to our night. Not only did we get to show off some hooping skills but the characters even got into it with us with hugs, PLUR handshakes, and even showing off their own hooping skills. Wishes Firework show had as much feels as a Kaskade set as we all let the show take our Magic show that redefines the possibilities of a light show on the castle walls. By the end of the show we all had our faces melted by their special effects. By the end of the night as I announced it was time for me to call it a day, it was met with hugs all around and a last confirmation that we all had exchanged contact information.



Looking back on an amazing day, there are few things I would ever even consider changing. With our first Walt Disney World Winter Raver Day already scheduled for Dec 5th, 2015 here’s a few hints and tips. Wear very IMG_6038comfortable shoes. Be prepared for Florida’s crazy weather, mostly meaning that you’re wearing something light, comfortable. And capable of surviving rain all while still being appropriate around children. Make a meet up even if you’re a little late, there is nothing like hearing a group of Ravers get excited to see a new friend. Enjoy your day, no matter if it’s with the group all day, or stopping in to say hi and meet some new people at a few meet ups before heading out to explore and enjoy the parks.

organizing this event they added, “I don’t want to miss any names then end up in a body bag somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, so I’m [Vince] going to be plain and simple: THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO’S HELPED ME, PUT UP WITH MY INFREQUENT BS, AND GAVE ME AMAZING POINTERS, I LOVE YOU ALL! But I do want to give a special shout out to Insomniac for having the article about summer last year! Because of this, Orlando happened and our winter one we had last year grew and people are more aware of it! So, thank you!” I [Dase] would also like to thank the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Cast Members who made us all feel welcome and at home in their park through the day.  As well as Vince, Jennifer, Adam and Magic in the Making for making this a reality.  Without your hard work we never would have heard cast members saying “out of all the unofficial days, you’re [Magic in the Making Raver Days] the best one! Because you make us laugh and smile!”

We’re all a little MaD here, But i’ll let you in on a secret… All the best ones are.

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    • Well thanks Jeremy! It was great to meet you all and an amazing trip to the Magic Kingdom. I can’t wait to see how much our Magic Kingdom Raver day grows. But we got plenty of festivals and events to keep us going till we get to our winter Raver day on December 5th.

    • Thanks Tiffany! It was a blast to write and so glad you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Speaking of the photos I’ll add a gallary for all of the photos I have this weekend 🙂

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