ID Spotlight: Todd Hackett

ID Spotlight: Todd Hackett

My relationship with EDM was not unlike an umbilical cord to a child. That is, my life literally depended on it, and without it, I may not have survived long enough to make it to my mid 20’s. I was in a dark place. Everything I had which gave me identity and purpose collapsed from underneath me within mere months. I lost my mother, my business, my fiancee, my religion… my hope. The light of life that I chased with zeal, passion, and fervor fled out of sight, and I sank into despair. My health began to decline, both physically and mentally, and I reached a place in life so empty and alone, that I had given up on life and humanity altogether. But then one day, a new roommate (who would later become one of my best friends) moved into my apartment, and he introduced me to dubstep. All the loss, hurt, anger, and frustrations I had accumulated over the past months radiated out of my fingers and toes as I danced like it was my last day on earth. It was therapeutic. Alleviating, even. My troubles seemed to dissipate into the atmosphere, carried away by the intense sound waves of Kill The Noise, Gramatik, and Feed Me.


When I moved back to California, I went to as many raves as I could. From random undergrounds and renegades to full on music festivals in New York, Nevada and California, I immersed myself into this world of progressive thought and open human acceptance. I made so many new friends who accepted me for who I was and stood by me as I faced challenge after challenge. When my life began to stabilize, I started thinking about how I would build my future, I became involved with a new production company in San Francisco, called Electric State of Mind. I worked myself to the bone, and climbed the ranks of the company. I started volunteering with a non profit medical response team called PLUR Angels to give back to the community that had taken me in and saved me from my sorrow. Now, I’m in a place of life that is totally and completely focused on EDM. From starting my own performing arts company to supply other companies with quality performers, to volunteering to save lives at events, every thing I do brings me joy and satisfaction. EDM was the sunrise on the horizon of my midnight life. It has given me purpose, direction, ambition, and a future. I may not party like I used to in the scene anymore, but I will always identify as a raver. I am at one with the community. I believe in peace. I believe in love. I believe in unity. I believe in respect. I believe in EDM. I am a raver, and this is my story.



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    Beautiful story, great job. Good Positive energy. ..


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