Hi, I’m Dase – an adventure seeking kid at heart.  I’m a thrill seeker that lives for the moment and a chance at another memory for my story.  The excitement of a building song that fills us all with anticipation.  For the bass drop that sends chills down your spine and makes you move together as one.  We are all unique and different, but brought together under one banner.  The promise of a memory.

Rave of Thrones

In my experience, this is the only thing every raver has in common.  We all want a memory.  It doesn’t matter what your style is, your favorite type of EDM, or if you show up in a formal dress or your underwear… you are there for the memories.  The chance to sing your favorite lines to your best friend, to dance the night away and feel the energy of countless strangers dancing to the same beat you are.  We come together, not just to be a part of something bigger then ourselves, but to create something bigger than us alone.


I started in the rave community looking for a memory and I continue to rave to relive those fond memories every time a classic song is dropped in a set.. and to add all new memories to songs both old and new.  We all bring something special to our community when we let ourselves just be who we are and accept those around us for who they are.  It’s a freeing feeling to know that you can just be you. Not who your work tells you to be, not what your peers expect you to be, or what your parents want you to be… you can just be you.  And that is the power of raves.  The power to make a memory of not just the world around you as it really is… but the chance to make a memory of who you really are without anyone else telling, expecting, or pressuring you to be anything but you.  In the end I’m just another author writing his own story.  So if you see a raving ReptaR… come say hello and make a memory with me.

EDC 2014

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Cassey resides in the Midwest. Music is her main hobby -- her favorite genres of electronic music being Trance and House. She enjoys intimate club shows as well as other events like Groove Cruise, EDC, and more. Apart from being publisher for EDM Identity, she works full time in network security. Other than music, she also has a passion for video gaming, spending time with family/friends, and studying for certifications to further progress her career.

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