EDM Identity is proud to introduce you to D.R.U.! This San Diego based artist is a newcomer to the electronic music genre, as he began his career in the industry as a guitarist. The man behind the decks is Andrew Krause, and knowing him since my days in elementary school I’m proud as ever to get a chance to see him explore his style and grow as a DJ.

I caught up with Andrew after hanging out in the studio after his live streamed set on!

EDM Identity: So let’s take it back, let me hear about your roots in the music industry!

D.R.U.: My Dad was a really skilled classical piano player, so he had me take piano lessons from about age 4 on. I remember my teacher forcing me to play songs that I really didn’t like, and it wasn’t for years that I returned to the piano after I stopped lessons. At about 12, my parents reluctantly let me switch to guitar. At 15, I got my first electric guitar and I was off. For guitar related music, I was first into punk rock, then emo rock, then the blues, then heavy blues rock ’n’ roll and reggae music. There were a few bands I was apart of, my last one being Counter Point Culture. During the band phase of my life, I listened and was focused mainly on band oriented music. In college, while playing in the bands, I got my bachelors degree in music composition.

EDM Identity: Awesome, so what drove you to the electronic music scene?

D.R.U.: During my years with bands, I became involved in the recording and production process. I got Reason, and began writing the additional tracks for our albums. I did a remix of one of our songs, you can still find it on the debut Counterpoint Culture (CPC) album. Making stuff on the computer had always been a secondary hobby, taking the second priority to my more serious band stuff. After school, I was lucky enough to do two small grassroot U.S. tours with CPC. We were offered a label deal from a small indie label in Nashville, but ultimately turned it down. After the tour, interest wained from other members, mainly due to the harsh realities of touring. As this interest lessened, I filled my extra time with making more music on my own.

EDM Identity: Touring can be pretty intense!

D.R.U.: Yeah it definitely takes a toll, it is pretty hard to do it with an entire band so I have a lot of respect for artists that are constantly on tour.

EDM Identity: So who are some of your favorite artists in the EDM world?

D.R.U.: I’m a huge fan of Skrillex, Justice, Madeon, and Porter Robinson right now. I love sets that cover lots of different emotions, stuff that I can groove out to ya know? I like to be jumping up and down and going crazy, but I also like a breather here and there.

EDM Identity: Those are some of my favorites too! Have those artists influenced your style at all?

D.R.U.: This has made pinpointing my style somewhat difficult. When people ask me what I make, I say “I make music influenced by dubstep, progressive house, complextro, trap, and rock. You can tell its me on the tracks— you just can’t tell what I will sound like on my next one.” My rock background definitely has come through, I’m also down to throw a sick guitar solo in my set!

EDM Identity: That’s really great, I love when artists incorporate live instruments in their sets. What does the future hold for you, anything big coming up?

D.R.U.: I have a debut EP on the way that I’ve been working on tirelessly. You can expect to see that up as a free download when I release it. Also make sure to keep an eye on my SoundCloud and Facebook Page, I’m always releasing remixes and bootlegs- usually once every few weeks.

EDM Identity: We are definitely all excited to see what’s in store, keep us posted alright?

D.R.U.:  For sure! Thanks for coming out tonight!



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