Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

If you had asked me four years ago if I would be starting a blog centered around electronic music in the future, I probably would have laughed and said no.

There was a point in time where I was content with just being in the crowd, but as time progressed and I fell in love with electronic music more, I wanted to actually participate.

I started expanding to promoting for companies while the scene was continually growing at a relatively quick pace. Fast forward to March of 2014, electronic music has expanded to become popular music in a greater realm than before. During this time electronic music websites and blogs rose and fell as quickly as the scene was growing. New sites would replace the ones that died off almost immediately; blogs I used to visit for quality content were replaced with sites pushing inaccurate or sensationalist stories.

I began discussing things with Drew, and we decided to actually do something about a problematic issue online. Blogs and media sites can be a dime a dozen when it comes to electronic music; we are not one of those sites. We are a site that is devoted to not only electronic music and the industry behind it, but also what has driven this industry to where it is today…all of you.

You are all the people that have made this scene what it is today. You come from all walks of life and you have different backgrounds, experiences, special moments, and favorite genres and artists. At events you may wear costumes or regular clothes, you might be a glover, a kandi kid, a DJ or a shuffler. You may be an old school raver looking back at your long list of events and artists you’ve adored, or you could be completely new to the scene and only looking towards your future.

Who you are is your identity, and us at EDM Identity are looking to explore the wide variety of identities that the people who love EDM represent. We strive for accuracy and quality over tabloid style articles. We will provide you with coverage of the best events and news, but most importantly we want to cover stories about you as well!

We are all very excited to begin on this journey, and we hope that you’ll stick around to enjoy it with us.

So, what’s your EDM Identity?

Grant Gilmore’s authoritative voice as a media professional lends credibility not common to EDM journalism. As the founder of EDM Identity he has effectively raised the bar on coverage of the past decade’s biggest youth culture phenomenon. After ten years of working for nonprofit organization Pro Player Foundation, Gilmore launched EDM Identity as a media outlet offering accurate informative coverage of the rave scene and electronic music as a whole. Although they cover comprehensive topic matter, they have taken special care in interviewing the likes of Armin van Buuren, Adventure Club, Gorgon City, Lane 8 and Afrojack. In addition to household names, they have also highlighted unsung heroes of the industry through their ID Spotlight segment. Whether he’s covering it or not, you can expect to find Grant Gilmore attending the next big electronic music event. To find out what’s next on his itinerary, follow him via the social links below.

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