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Category: The Lowdown

The Lowdown || Rad Cat

Get the lowdown on fresh San Diego-based Artist, Rad Cat! When looking at the CRSSD Festival Spring Lineup for this year, we saw plenty of names that were massive stars. These are artists that play the festival circuit quite regularly, and as someone who likes to find new talent and quality beats…sometimes you have to dig a little. Fast forward to crawling through the names playing this spring, looking for some new beats and cool acts to check out. Compiling names to check out later, we came across one that stuck out above the rest, Rad Cat. Starting there,...

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The Lowdown || Tropix

Get the lowdown on NYC-based duo Tropix! Hailing from New York City, Marc Braun and Dylan Christie are the artists that have come together as Tropix. Already taking the electronic music scene by storm, they have already played numerous shows in their home city and are surging in popularity. Their infectious sound and mellow vibe cater to a wide range of electronic music lovers, walking the line between chill and hype in every track. If you love remixes and mash-ups Tropix will definitely be on your radar, as they’ve done a quality job putting their twist on tracks like “Red Lips”,...

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The Lowdown || Djoir Jordan

Get the lowdown on singer, songwriter, and rising star Djoir Jordan! Hailing from Los Angeles, Djoir Jordan is one of the brightest stars rising out of the music scene as of late. Opening for acts like Aaron Carter and DEV, she’s found a massive following around the world and clearly has no plans on stopping anytime soon. Blending a style of rock, EDM, and pop, Djoir brings with her a unique vibe that really captivates listeners who are looking for a good time. Recognized for her talents in 2014, Djoir Jordan was nominated for Pop Single of the Year...

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The Lowdown || Shanahan

Get to know rising producer, Shanahan, in this week’s edition of The Lowdown! Picking up major momentum since launching his career, Shanahan is an artist to keep your ears on this year and in the future. Working with notable names like Hardwell and Tritonal, his melodic style is great and bringing emotion out in the music he produces. His electro house productions have been both fun and dancey, bringing a fresh take to the genre in the process. Much of his work includes vocals that really make their mark on the tracks too, which can be seen on recent...

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The Lowdown || Grube & Hovsepian

Get The Lowdown On Trance Duo, Grube & Hovsepian! Tim Grube & Mike Hovsepian are no newcomers to the Trance and music landscape.  Having been a key cog in Markus’ Schulz’ Coldharbour Recordings camp, and working hard in the industry as a whole for nearly ten years, Grube & Hovsepian experienced their fair share of success.  With that success though comes compromise and teamwork, and the duo continues to move through sunlight and rain without giving up on a dream.  We reached out the pair of producer-DJs before Groove Cruise Miami and explored who they are, what they love about...

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The Lowdown || Big Wild

Get to know rising star Big Wild in this edition of The Lowdown! This past weekend at SnowGlobe 2016, I got the pleasure to talk to the incredibly talented Jackson Stell, aka Big Wild before his set closing out the Sierra tent. We took a break from the cold and had some time to catch up on all things Big Wild past, present, and future. The cards are looking promising for Big Wild, just last year he joined ODESZA on tour, and since then he has been steadily on the rise, releasing amazing new music like his latest track, “Invincible,” and playing shows...

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