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Category: Featured Interview

Featured Interview || GoldFish

GoldFish Talks South Africa, Live Instruments, Their Upcoming Album, & More! The electronic dance scene is full of artists pushing the boundaries of sound and production. GoldFish is an electronic duo based out of Cape Town, South Africa and are gaining serious momentum with their catchy blend of live instruments and house beats. Consisting of David Poole and Dominic Peters the duo have already achieved some huge milestones since the release of their debut album “Caught in the Loop” back in 2006. Since then Poole and Peters have locked down a Friday night residency at super-club Pacha in Ibiza and have played some of...

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Featured Interview || Dada Life

Dada Life reign over the kingdom of Dada Land with a message of love, acceptance, and individuality, where the only rules are the rules of Dada! Dada Life, the Swedish DJ duo from Stockholm composed of Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom hit the scene running back in 2006 and the momentum has certainly not slowed down. Their infectious good vibes translate every time they hit the stage and their incredible productions like “Kick Out The Epic Mother F**ker”, “Born To Rage” and “Feed The Dada”, just to name a few, will always resonate as some of the greatest and most electrified EDM productions to...

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Featured Interview || MOSIMANN

MOSIMANN Talks “Never Let You Go”, Coaching On The Voice, & More! A Swiss-born artist who calls Paris his home, MOSIMANN is not just a DJ, but a producer, singer, and songwriter as well. Growing up with the influence of quality musicians like Daft Punk and Jean Michel-Jarre, it is no surprise that he has won the hearts of many with his electronic beats and sensational performances. A world-renowned phenom, MOSIMANN has gained notoriety with both his original tunes and remixes the most recent being his hit track “Never Let You Go“. To add to the fun, he also has been...

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Featured Interview || Third Party

Third Party Talks Hope, Released Records, & More! Hailing from Essex in the UK, Third Party has brought forth both epic beats and positive vibes since 2011. Breaking onto the scene in an era of progressive and electro house dominating the airwaves, it was no surprise that Third Party became quite popular with fans around the world. They hit the ground running this year already, and just dropped their debut album, HOPE, which was released on February 24, features some fantastic tracks that range from progressive to electro house. Featuring plenty of uplifting vocals and a sound that many have clamored for...

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Featured Interview || Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate talks Groove Cruise, the Materia album, & more! Cosmic Gate, the duo made up of Bossi and Nic Chagall, have been around since the late 1990’s. With many hit tracks such as “Exploration of Space” and “Fire Wire” to name a few, the duo has continuously produced epic music throughout the years. Throughout the ever-changing electronic music scene, both Nic and Bossi have been able to stay true to themselves and to the music they create. They have been able to truly show their fans, inside and outside of the studio, that they are dedicated to the work that...

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