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Category: Okeechobee Music & Art Festival

Okeechobee 2018 || Loyalty & Early Bird Ticket Info

Are you ready to go back through The Portal next March at Okeechobee 2018? Florida’s hottest spring event, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, has announced its return March 1 – 4, 2018. Quickly becoming one of the Southeast’s most sought after festivals, Okeechobee combines some of the best live acts in music from many genres with some of the best interactive play areas, artist and troupe performers! The four-day festival is hosted by Soundslinger LLC and is held on a 600-acre property in Central Florida. They hit the ground running back in 2016 as they featured headliners like Kendrick Lamar, Bassnectar,...

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Okeechobee 2017 || Event Review

Flying through the night, I was ready to hit the ground running to Okeechobee! I flew through the night and arrived just after 6am in Orlando. I like the red-eye because it generally means I don’t have to take extra time off and can mostly sleep through the night on the plane. I quickly gathered my things and grabbed my bag from baggage claim just in time for Bradley to pick me up. We got right on the highway and went straight to the town of Okeechobee. Our first stop was at Walmart to do our grocery shopping for the next...

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Okeechobee 2017 || Evan’s Experience

Okeechobee Round II: Through the Eyes of Evan Ratzlaff Greetings, fellow festival lovers, I have returned from the portal yet again unscathed, with a well-nourished soul, a depleted body all in the name of the love for music. Along with this quest for love comes a plethora of new mind-bending experiences to share…this is my review and experience at Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival 2017! What I find most enjoyable about the experience at a camping festival is you get to step away from your ego-driven lifestyle that is pushed upon you by the culture we are immersed in. We...

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Okeechobee 2017 || The Essentials

Okeechobee 2017 Set Times, Festival Map, & More! The second edition of the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is finally here. Soon attendees from all over the country will converge upon Sunshine Grove for a one of a kind experience. Their lineup is fire and will go late into the night at the Jungle 51 stage. For those of you that have the will power to join Yogachobee for some much-needed yoga sessions or spiritual healing, there will be activities all day. With so much going on you might just need a general get away to really wander around...

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Okeechobee 2017 || ChobeeWobee Village Returns & Expands

ChobeeWobee Village will be making a reappearance in the portal and has undergone some evolutions for Okeechobee this year! Considered the cultural nexus of Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival, ChobeeWobee Village (schedule) provides a place to mingle, wander, explore, stretch, and relax among a myriad of carefully crafted (and curated) curiosities. Co-Curated by Kulturehaus, the village is home to Yogachobee, The Earth Arts Academy and the Healing Sanctuary (schedule). All three have their own mind-expanding programming which is sure to stretch the body and soul while polishing up one’s survival skills. Roving jugglers, performers, fire-spinners and rogue parades will...

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Okeechobee 2017 || Yogachobee Returns With New Additions!

The Moonlight Oasis is making a reappearance this year at Okeechobee, bringing the Yogachobee experience back with it. The Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival will once again feature a cultural epicenter for 4 days of exploration, relaxation, growth, enjoyment, and connection. The Yogachobee Area within the grounds will provide consistent daily programming. It is an umbrella of awareness practices consisting of three main areas: the Healing Sanctuary, Yogachobee “proper” and the newest addition, Earth Arts Academy. Complete ticketing details and payment plans can be accessed by clicking here! YogachoBeing’s will have a variety of options throughout the and even...

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