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Category: Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight || Charbonneau

Get to know Charbonneau, one of the most enthusiastic rising artists in the scene, in this week’s Artist Spotlight! “Love, live, dance, music”! That is Michael Charbonneau’s credo and a phrase that he keeps close to his heart as he forges his path in the vibrant and expansive world of electronic dance music. His desire to share his love for music with the world has developed into a brilliant passion that translates every time he hits the decks. There have been few times in my own history of raving that I have met someone with the kind of vibrancy,...

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Artist Spotlight || ElezD

Get to know rising star ElezD in this week’s Artist Spotlight! Hailing from sunny San Diego, JayCee Careaga has made a serious name for himself as of late in the SoCal scene. Known under his DJ alias ElezD, he spins quality sets that are full of fantastic beats. If you’ve heard one of his original tunes like “Perception”, “Orion”, or most recently “Mirrors”, you know that he can throw down some productions that are unreal. This is just bolstered by his remixes as well, having recently remixed a collaboration by Haterade and Contrvbvnd, “Meditation” which also has been well received by...

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Artist Spotlight || DEVI

Get to know rising star DEVI in this week’s Artist Spotlight! If you love the deeper side of house music, you should definitely be keeping an ear out for rising artist DEVI! Originally making waves with his unofficial remix of Calvin Harris’ massive tune “Bounce”, he has ascended ever since. Generating millions of plays, DEVI has gone on to rework tracks from big names like Drake to put his original twist and give them a solid electronic sound. Known for the soulful productions that center around vocals, he has generated support from the likes of Oliver Heldens, Danny Howard, and the...

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Artist Spotlight || Sonny Alven

Get to know rising star Sonny Alven in this week’s Artist Spotlight! Melodic House is his game, and Sonny Alven is his name. This producer, who hails from Bergen, Norway, has been wooing crowds with his sensual sound all over the world over the past few years. You might have caught Sonny’s remixes of massive tracks like The Weeknd’s “Starboy” or even Pierce Fulton’s hit tune “Kuaga”, but his original tunes are where he really shines as an artist. “Our Youth”, “Make Me Feel”, and “Give Me Your Lovin'” all represent his sound in the best way possible. Sonny’s...

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Artist Spotlight || SÜSiO

Get to know rising star from San Diego, SÜSiO, in this week’s Artist Spotlight! Hailing from San Diego, Chris Granillo has made serious moves in the electronic music scene as of late. Known to many under his DJ moniker, SÜSiO, he is the Co-Founder of OMNIFIK and a member of Tribe Out West that serenades dancefloors all over Southern California with his infectious sounds. Both a DJ and a producer, his own releases of “Illusion” and “Bounce” have only furthered his standing as a quality artist from America’s Finest City. The deep, dirty tech vibe of his sets really gets people moving and...

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Artist Spotlight || BLYNE

Get to know experimental artists BLYNE in this week’s Artist Spotlight! BLYNE states that they hail from Germany, but we have our doubts. Seeing as no one knows who they actually are, we can only guess as to what planet these “humans” are from. Incorporating sounds that you’d expect to hear out of artists coming from Germany, but then splicing in some out of this world vibes, listeners never will be bored with their music. Their productions range pretty widely, and you can find a true electronic sound while also finding their music as the beat for hip hop artists...

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