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Drug Testing Kit DanceSafe

Why Testing Drugs Before Use Is Important

With Fentanyl related deaths and overdoses at an all-time high, individuals need to be safe when it comes to consumption.
Hangout Fest

Five Ways to Stay Cool at Hangout Fest

The Gulf Coast is known for its intense heat and humidity, so here are five ways to stay cool on the beach at Hangout Fest.
What To Wear at Outside Lands 2021

What To Wear at Outside Lands Halloween Weekend 2021

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival 2021 is coming up, and now is the time to start prepping your fall fresh outfits! Find inspiration inside!
Lost Lands 2019

How to Take Care of Yourself Before, During, and After Lost Lands

This year's edition of Lost Lands is just around the corner, so we've come up with a few helpful tips to prepare yourself for the journey!
Imagine Music Festival

How to Deal with Anxiety When Returning to Raves and Festivals

After more than a year without raves and festivals, many are excited to party again - but if you're feeling anxious as well, you're not alone.
Crush SoCal 2018

Why Unhindered Drug Testing Must be a Part of Today’s Rave Culture

Drug testing is without question one of the best and easiest ways we can reduce harm at events. So why isn't it happening everywhere?
EDC Orlando 2017

How to Make Friends in the Rave Scene

It’s okay to go alone, but sharing an experience with friends and family at a festival can create a powerful time. Check out our tips on how to make lasting friendships in the rave scene!
EDC Orlando 2017

Five Ways to Convince Your Parents to Let You Attend a Festival

The struggle is real when getting strict parents to agree to a festival - we've got all the tips you might need to get them on board! 
survive Festival Season budget

Eight Tips to Help You Survive Festival Season on a Budget

From seasoned ravers to festival newbies alike, everyone's pinching pennies when it comes to festival season. Here's how to have fun in the sun on a budget!
What to Pack in Your Festival Bag

What to Pack in Your Bag This Festival Season

Unsure what to pack for your next event? We've got you covered with our list of essential items that you absolutely must have in your bag!