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Countdown NYE 2019

Countdown NYE Took Us on a Galactic Quest Into the New Decade

Countdown NYE sent over 67,000 fans on a galactic quest, hosting the biggest space inspired New Year's Eve party on the final night of the decade.
Countdown NYE 2018

Countdown NYE 2019 Set Times, Festival Map, & Essential Info

Get yourself filled in on the essential details for Countdown NYE this year so you can party hard and end the decade in the best way possible!
Countdown NYE 2018 Alien

Aliens Beam Encoded Lineup Countdown NYE 2019 [Decoded]

The aliens have once again beamed a transmission with the lineup for Countdown NYE in their native language. Which artists did you decode?
Countdown NYE 2018 Aliens

The Alien Invasion Continues at Countdown NYE 2019

The aliens have landed and they're here to party. Will you be counting down the seconds until 2020 at Countdown NYE this year? Tickets are on sale now!