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Bamboo Bass Festival

Bamboo Bass Festival Was A Nonstop Jam-Packed Costa Rican Jungle Adventure

Bamboo Bass Festival was a viciously exhilarating bass music odyssey that destroyed my body and revived my soul.
Desert Dwellers

Desert Dwellers Chat About Their Style, ‘Breath’, & More Ahead of Envision Festival

With Envision on the horizon, Desert Dwellers took the time to answer some questions about their dynamic as a duo, thoughts on the festival, and more!
Bamboo Bass Festival

Bamboo Bass Festival 2018 Set Times, Festival Guidelines, & More!

Bamboo Bass Festival is packed with tons of fun activities, parties, and events this year. We've gathered everything you need to know ahead of the event so stay in the know!
Envision Festival Eric Allen

Ideas & Activities That Bring Envision Festival’s Collective Ethos To Life

Through activities and educational experiences, Envision Festival's  attendees can explore the 8 Pillars of Envision in their own way.
Bamboo Bass Festival 2017

Gina’s Top Five Must-See Artists at Bamboo Bass Festival 2018

Bamboo Bass and Sleeveless Records have teamed up to curate a lineup of epic measures, bringing out artists in the Sleeveless Fam and beyond! 

Explore the Costa Rican Paradise of Jacó Beyond Bamboo Bass Festival

When you’re not soaking in the loving energy and soothing low-end frequencies at Bamboo Bass Festival, there are numerous other adventures and activities to experience!
Envision Festival 2016

Envision Festival’s 2018 Complete Lineup is Out – All It’s Missing is You!

Envision Festival has finally released its complete lineup for the eighth term of this remarkable jungle paradise experience.
Bamboo Bass Festival

Bamboo Bass Festival Drops Its 2018 Lineup

Bass music lovers and adventure seekers, Costa Rica’s Bamboo Bass Festival has just released its loaded 2018 lineup! Bamboo Bass Festival...
Envision Festival

Excitement Swells as Envision Festival Releases 2018 Phase 2 Lineup!

Envision Festival has announced its much-anticipated second phase lineup for 2018!  Envision Festival is a four-day immersive experience unlike any...
envision 2017

Envision 2017 || Dates + Ticket Sales Info!

While we’re busy shaking the sand out of our luggage after a fabulous trip to Envision 2016, we’re happy...