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Project Z 2017 Set Times, Map, & Essential Info

Project Z 2017 is just around the corner, and we’ve got all your essential info here in one place. Tomorrow is the day to head-bang, shuffle, and really find your inner self as Basscon and Bassrush, two of Insomniac Events’ strongest brands, take over the Nos Events Center for Project Z. While each brand focuses on the heavier aspects of electronic dance music, you can guarantee that everyone will be breaking a sweat before the day is over. With the addition of a third stage, whether you’re there for the hardstyle or the bass or even the the wubz...

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Project Z 2017 || Lineup Revealed Featuring Joyryde, Buku, DJ Isaac, Borgore, and more!

Project Z has announced their lineup for 2017 including Buku, Darren Styles, and DJ Isaac. Insomniac Events announced the lineup for the Project Z 2017 which is a collaboration between their Bassrush and Basscon brands. Set for July 16th, Project Z is the first show combining the two brands as in the past they have just shared the NOS Events Center on the same night but were separate events. Focused on the heavier genres of electronic music, both brands will be bringing their own flair and exclusive acts to the table this summer. This year the event has expanded to...

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Project Z 2016 || Event Review

When Project Z 2016 was announced I honestly thought to myself, “how was this not already a thing before?” In the past, Bassrush and Basscon were separate entities that happened to usually host events that coincided closely with each other. As a fan of both bass music and the harder styles, making me choose between two separate events on the same night was a recipe for disaster. Thankfully this year, Insomniac listened to our pleas to combine the two events and brought all of us under one roof for the inaugural Project Z. Check out Night Owl Radio Episode...

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Noisia Previews Project Z Set On Night Owl Radio!

We are less than 24 hours away from Project Z. I know it’s Friday night, you are probably getting ready for the club or a stroll through the park for a Pokemon GO spree. I’m home and primed for Night Owl Radio. One of the great artists that will be at tomorrow nights event, Noisia, spun a guest mix tonight on the show. Fresh from their set at EDC UK, they will be gave us a taste of what epic mix that they have in store for us tomorrow. Noisia also recently released a new track titled “Voodoo” from their upcoming...

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Project Z 2016 || Grant’s Top Picks

Project Z 2016 is happening tomorrow, are you ready for the clash of heavy genres? Two stages and a sick lineup have brought a battle of genres to the table for this groundbreaking event. On the Bassrush end of the spectrum you’ll see massive amounts of dubstep and trap, bringing you to some dirty drops and beats to melt your face off. The Basscon end will be bringing hard dance to those that feel they are worthy for the onslaught of aggressive, uptempo beats that will make every true shuffler lose their minds. Both stages are closing out the...

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Project Z 2016 || The Essentials

Project Z 2016 Essential Info: Dates: July 16, 2016 Show times: 6pm to 2am Venue Address: 690 S Arrowhead Ave, San Bernardino, California 92408 Ages: 18+, 21+ to drink Acceptable Forms of Identification for Entry YES Any US government-issued driver’s license or ID card containing a photograph and date of birth YES US or foreign government-issued passport containing a photograph and date of birth YES Foreign government-issued driver’s license or ID (must be accompanied by color photocopy of passport) Unacceptable Forms of Identification for Entry NO School ID NO Consular ID NO Birth certificates NO Photocopies of any ID Project Z...

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