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Category: Electric Daisy Carnival

EDC Las Vegas 2017 || Event Review

Having been in attendance for EDC Las Vegas since 2012, I could feel the electricity in the air in the leadup to this year’s edition… If you’ve ever heard me talk about EDC Las Vegas, you know that it is one of my favorite festivals that I’ve ever had the ability to experience. There is just something magical about the infamous Electric Daisy Carnival, under the electric sky in the very warm Las Vegas, and it’s hard to really describe it specifically. Numerous times throughout the weekend I was asked the question “What brings you back every year? Why...

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EDC Las Vegas 2017 || Grace’s Experience

Another year, another magical three days under the electric sky at EDC Las Vegas! Once again, EDC Las Vegas proved to be my favorite festival of the year. The staggering production, constant pumping music, and amazing fellow Headliners turned EDC into the most unforgettable experience. These three days under the electric sky brought me back to why I fell in love with the electronic music scene. This year was definitely different since I had media and VIP access, which added a whole new element to EDC that I’d never even realized was there. While my first choice is always...

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EDC Orlando 2017 Announced for its Seventh Year!

Insomniac confirms EDC Orlando 2017 will return to Florida for its seventh year. Now that you’ve witnessed the beauty of the Gaia kineticFIELD stage for EDC Las Vegas 2017 this year, some of you might be thinking about EDC Orlando. Insomniac Events has confirmed that the event will be returning to Tinker Field on Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11. Tickets go on sale starting Thursday, July 13th at Noon ET! We’re expecting more stunning performances from some of our favorite artists. EDC Orlando added a few upgrades to the festival last year and we’re hoping to see more of...

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EDC Las Vegas 2017 || Day 3 Recap

The final day of EDC Las Vegas was a perfect end to the weekend! Sunday’s drive to the venue was a bit sad, as we began to realize that it was the final day of EDC Las Vegas. Entering around the same time as usual over the weekend, we felt at home and comfortable as we bounced around stages all night. First up was Baggi, who seriously impressed me with his early set at circuitGROUNDS. After completing a quick walk towards the kineticFIELD we cooled off inside the speakeasy which connected to quantumVALLEY. It was a great place to...

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EDC Las Vegas 2017 || Livesets

Relive EDC Las Vegas 2017 with your favorite artist’s livesets! The biggest show in North America, EDC Las Vegas, features an insane lineup full of artists who are playing stages both big and small. Whether they are on an art car, throwing down a heavy set at the bassPOD or keeping you dancing the night away at the neonGARDEN, this is the show that many artists are looking forward to each year. Between surprise guests and sets, the insane level of production this year, and just the overall atmosphere of the festival, EDC really is the place to be....

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EDC Las Vegas 2017 || Day 2 Recap

The second day of EDC Las Vegas 2017 has now come to a close! Opting to drive once again, we arrived on site anticipating an epic night ahead of us. We actually got there fairly early, as we wanted to catch Shaun Frank’s opening set at kineticFIELD. Definitely feeling hotter than the day before we made sure to hydrate as we checked out some things we missed at EDC Las Vegas the first day. Monstercat had taken over the Kalliope Art Car, so after finishing up with Shaun Frank we headed there to find Grant behind the decks. His...

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