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Category: ID Fashion

Escape: Psycho Circus 2017 || Halloween Makeup Inspirations

Escape: Psycho Circus 2017 is upon us, who will be your Halloween muse? Join the EDM Identity Team as we get ready for one of our favorite Insomniac festivals of the year – Escape: Psycho Circus 2017. It’s one of the few times a year where almost everyone dresses up, whether it is a full body suit, a pair or ears, or just a character t-shirt. Costumes aren’t the only way to show your Halloween spirit! If you’re on the creative side, you may just want to try one of the Halloween makeup inspirations below. All you need is...

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Find An Unforgettable Rave Outfit With Etsy’s RML Designs

Finding the perfect rave outfit can be a daunting task. Etsy’s RML Designs shares their tips and secrets for success! Rather than spend countless hours hot gluing sequins to a bra or making a tutu, Etsy offers a convenient way to find your next incredible festival outfit. One of the coolest designers on Etsy right now is RML Designs by Rich Mahogany Life. Marisa Miller, 26, started selling on Etsy after moving to San Diego in 2014 in need of a means to make money and survive. One year later, she committed to the store full time. Her awesome...

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Feel The Beat With Baserock!

Your newest festival must-have is here–the Baserock hydration backpack that vibrates right along with the music. If you thought festivals couldn’t get any better, you clearly haven’t tried on the Baserock. This cutting-edge backpack picks up bass frequencies from music playing out at an event, or straight from the music playing through your headphones. It adds a whole other element to your festival experience. Just imagine being right up next to the speaker, feeling the bass vibrate throughout your body, without sacrificing your ears to the booming sound. Having personally tried on the Baserock at various festivals, I can...

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Step Up Your Festival Makeup Game With Glitter

Glitter makeup is one of the hottest festival trends of 2017. Follow our tips to sparkle and shine all night long! Festival season is here, and you can almost smell the glitter and sweat in the air – at least here in Colorado, you can! Before we jump right into it, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Melinda Wolfe, and I am a Denver-based special FX makeup artist who will always have a place in the EDM world. I also worked for Insomniac’s Escape in 2015 and have worked for a local haunted house, so I have...

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Ten Killer Outfit Ideas For EDC Las Vegas 2017

Still searching for the perfect look for EDC Las Vegas? Have no fear – we’ve got you covered! It’s incredible how fast time moves when you’re looking forward to something. With the conclusion of Ultra and Coachella, the next mega-festival that ravers have to look forward to is EDC Las Vegas. Insomniac’s brainchild has been a constant topic of conversation over the past few weeks and EDM lovers from coast to coast (and in different countries for that matter) are all prepping for one of the biggest festivals of the year. Everyone wants to shine at EDC but what’s...

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For The Mom Who Raves!

Show your mom how much you love her with some cool gifts that she can take with her on the dance floor this Mother’s Day! So, Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14, and maybe you have racked your brain trying to pick out the perfect gift for the most important woman in your life! Well, if you have a mom who loves to get down on the dance floor to those glorious electronic dance music beats then we have some great Mother’s Day gift ideas that she will absolutely adore! Make this Mother’s Day extra special and put...

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