Dark Velvet Delivers Bass Heavy Tune “CHE”

Dark Velvet

If you’ve been in need of a new bass track to fill your ears and consume your mind then Dark Velvet is here to deliver with “CHE.”

LoFreq Records is a name that many people are starting to know, and it is rightfully deserved. Almost a year ago, the label put out their first compilation, Cypher Vol. 1, that featured tons of incredible artists. Recently they announced the second volume of Cypher but this time with a little twist by releasing the music on it track by track from the likes of Ravenscoon and Yewz, Ahee, and more. Now the latest single from the compilation has been unveiled and Dark Velvet is leading the charge “CHE.”

If you haven’t heard of Dark Velvet yet, he’s an artist who you need to start following if you love experimental bass music. He is an up and coming producer from Northern California who’s synths and kicks will make you feel like you are floating around another universe. Tracks like “Equinox VIP” and “The Ritual” are perfect examples of his out of this world sound design, and “CHE” carries those vibes as well. It’s the perfect mix of G Jones and EPROM sound, with heavy bass and synths that turn your brain inside out. Just wait till you hit the mark just after two minutes, you’ll be shouting out CHHYEAAAAH right along with the wubs as they dominate your soul!

The original idea for ‘Che’ started back in May of this year. I wrote an 8 bar loop with a pretty simple trap beat and the main melody that’s in the song today. Honestly, I forgot about the beat and went about 4 months before coming back to it. Halloween was around the corner and the melody of the beat inspired me to want to work on it. Using the main melody as a motif, I wrote the rest of the track around it, implementing the same notes in the melody with other instruments. Even the last drop uses the same notes, so always have fun experimenting because you never know what results you can get.

Dark Velvet

Find the nearest speaker system and play “CHE” as loud as you can, press play below or listen on your favorite platform, and keep up to date with LoFreq for the rest of the releases off Cypher Vol. 2!

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LoFreq Records - Cypher Vol 2

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