Miguel Bastida Talks “Soul Sunset,” ‘Azid People,’ and His History

Miguel Bastida

After a series of stunning releases and a fantastic livestream set for Elrow, we sat down with tech house firecracker Miguel Bastida!

When it comes to delivering dance floor heaters full of grit, high octane energy, and boundless groove, Miguel Bastida continues to perfect the game. It is no shock that he would capture the hearts of tech house fans across the globe as he has always had an unyielding passion for his craft, beginning his career when he was just a young teen in Granada, Spain.

In 2015 Miguel would hit a turning point with the chart-topping “Moudness,” allowing him to officially step into the limelight while landing him on the Toolroom Ibiza 2015 compilation. These days he gets to bask in the success of tracks like his recently released “Soul Sunset” and Azid People EP while staying extra busy cultivating his entrepreneurial side through his personal Be One imprint.

We got to catch up with Miguel to have a little chat about everything from his history in the scene to the current state of affairs in Spain. Check out his latest livestream set from the Elrow Show on YouTube and then continue on for the interview!

Listen to Miguel Bastida’s Elrow Show Set on YouTube:

Hello Miguel. Thank You for taking some time to chat with us! How are things going over in Spain in regard to the pandemic? How have you been keeping yourself mentally and physically fit through it all?

Hello! I’m happy to speak with you. In Spain, more or less, the contagions are being controlled, although there are certain areas in which significant outbreaks occur and the government puts us into confinement phases to control expansion.

In general, it is a difficult situation that directly affects the development of our work in events, so there is no other option than trying to take advantage of time in the studio. Mentally and physically I feel great, ready for everything!

I want to rewind time quite a bit because I am incredibly curious about how, at the age of 14, you began your career in music. Most of us have no idea what we want to do at that age. What was it about the music scene that inspired you to get started so young and what motivated you to make the jump from radio DJ to dance music producer?

Electronic music came into my life when I listened to it for the first time with some older cousins in their car when we went around the town. I was about 10 or 11 years old, it was there when I really started to enjoy all those tapes (cassettes) playing in the car.

At the age of 14, I was able to collaborate with a local radio station in Alhama de Granada, my town, where they already had some CDs with which I began to test my first mixes. A year later they gave me a couple of Technics and so I began my journey with vinyl.

At 16 my head was full of musical ideas and always found myself trying to create something mentally when listening to music from others. The introduction from my German colleague to the Rebirth and Reason radio show allowed me to capture those first ideas that came to me that I still have today!

Your latest release, “Soul Sunset” is out now on Sonny Fodera’s Solotoko imprint. Can you talk about your relationship with Sonny Fodera (since this is certainly not the first time you have crossed paths with his label) and how “Soul Sunset” was a good fit for Solotoko?

YES! I met Sonny for the first time several years ago. He invited me to play in the UK for one of his Solotoko showcases and I had such a great time! I’ve known his music for many years, so I thought that something more catchy with soul touches could fit his Solotoko style for a release on the label. When I first sent it to him, he really loved it, so we prepared the single launch at full blast!

“Soul Sunset” is packed full of incredible lyrics. Can you talk about the story that the track is telling and how it resonates with you on a personal level?

I was looking for a vocal that could fit with the bass line. The first time I heard it, I immediately knew it was going to match. The vocal has a beautiful Soul/R&B sound that elevates the track into a whole new dimension. I’m very happy with the result!

Another incredible release that we simply must talk about is your Azid People EP. Can you talk about the production process on that project? What were the most challenging aspects and what kind of musical emotion do these tracks represent?

This EP perfectly captures my idea of energetic Tech House. Great sounds in which the silences to leave instruments or vocals in the foreground play a very important role, giving way to great breaks in both tracks. That’s why “Azid People” is defined with vocal cuts in solo mode accompanied by a great acid bass with distortions. On “The Bug” the same idea comes into play but with a different feeling. The synthesizers on this occasion are the protagonists.

Circling back to record label talk, what is the latest with your personal imprint, Be One Records? Any exciting new artists you are looking forward to promoting or cool ideas for the future of Be One and Be One Limited?

We are doing an arduous, patient, and great job with the Be One family, always supporting new artists and bringing out a really punctured, great quality sound. Great releases are coming on both labels. To highlight some bombs…. we have Kuestenklatsch, Cele, Gabrielle Toma o Sanchez (UK), Deef, SKYVOX, and many more that you will love.

If you take a look at your entire career as a whole, what are some of the most important lessons you have learned along the way? Is there anything you would have done differently?

I would not change a thing, because the thousands of hours invested in my passion have led me to where I am. In this life not everybody is happy, but when you create a professional job from your passion you have to change your behavior to certain things that you like or they do not exist in this music industry.

You have to find the balance that, despite having made thousands of creations, allows you to wake up every day wanting to capture more and more ideas. This is the beauty of music, it never stops bringing positive feelings in my life even though storms or pandemics may come, like now. Long live music!

When looking to the future as the world continues to both heal and deal with the Coronavirus, how are you feeling about getting back to the live scene? What precautions will you be taking personally and what do you want to say to the fans who will ultimately come out to support?

To be honest I don’t know what to think of the Coronavirus. I don’t know what purpose and values it has on economics and massive social manipulation and other limiting aspects towards the human being. What I can tell you is that I try to do my best as people are dying and pour all my attention into being responsible to others and to set an example of how to do things well.

This means meeting the standards with the appropriate sanitary measures that the government or agencies dictate, although it is not entirely in accordance with the purpose and values I commented on before. I wish the world will be free again so that they do not continue imparting fear in us, but only respect and love for our neighbor.

Do you have any advice for the artists who may struggle with returning to the scene after taking major financial and emotional hits throughout 2020? How do you stay motivated to bounce back and what does the world need to know about the reality of what you are all dealing with?

We must be patient and stay strong. We also have to be connected through socials, so we can continue to show our work and spread joy in these difficult times. The scene is being punished by the pandemic, but in my opinion, it is a great opportunity to stop a little bit of this fast-life we had and thus be able to appreciate what we have a little bit more. This is what motivates me every day.

Finally, since we are still very deep in the era of the livestream, do you have any exciting shows coming up that you would like us all to tune into? And can you give us your thoughts on how livestreams have helped to keep our community connected and thriving?  

I have some to come, but we will have to wait since the transmission with Elrow has been recent and we like to leave a little time between each streaming. You can find it on my YouTube channel, which is having an incredible response.

Regarding the use of streaming more assiduously because of the lockdown, I think the musical product has been saturated with hundreds or thousands of weekly streams and this has made me more cautious regarding them. I don’t like to do what most people do and I prefer to spend time on my own and personal things that are different from the others.

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