TWO OWLS and Jameston Thieves Release “Last Laugh”

TWO OWLS and Jameston Thieves continue to push the boundaries of dance music with their new collab track, “Last Laugh.”

In dance music two things are really easy to do. One: just blend in the the crowd on SoundCloud, and two: stick within a specific genre. TWO OWLS continue to break that mold time and time again.

These guys have been around for a year and two and have had some very noticeable releases on Buygore, DIM MAK, and a bunch of other reputable labels, but they recently decided a change was necessary for their careers to flourish in the way that they envision. They released a bunch of tunes under the name NIGHTOWLS, however, the bigger they got, the more confusing this became between them and NightOwl radio hosted by Insomniac. Thus they underwent a heavy rebranding and emerged as TWO OWLS. The result was not only a brand new name, but a brand new logo, and a new sense of identity for these two young producers.

Since their rebrand, they have been attacking it on all fronts and have released a song every month, sometimes even releasing two tracks a month. All of their releases have been doing tremendously well.

Their newest tune is a collaboration effort between them and Jameston Thieves, a fellow friend and superb producer. It’s titled “Last Laugh.” While you may think it’s a raging house track, it’s instead a heavy, well-crafted trap song. The song begins with an awesome melody under some very catchy vocals. From there the drop is a blend of hard hitting drums, screechy synths, and disgusting sound design. You can definitely tell all three producers spent some time on this song, as their distinctive styles shine through.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for both of these talented music producers!

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